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Steven Rubio

Steven Rubio, SMI

04-24-2014 Steven Rubio turned a nightmare fraud situation into an opportunity to work to help others.I went online and found Instabill and Lance Martin, who helped me establish two merchant accounts. We have about 20 employees and processing between $10,000 and $15,000 per month. I was recently able to leave my supervisor.s job at the call center in December and concentrate on SMI fulltime.

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Kristian Svindal

Kristian Svindal, Billy Bonus

01-26-2014Kristian Svindal has big dreams for his startup Billy Bonus and Instabill is backing him the whole way...I worked for a multi-level marketing company for a long time, and after a while it became frustrating. I felt I was working extremely hard without seeing much commission from the company. And I had grown weary of dealing with greedy sponsors. It was a situation where I was expected to generate the same amount of sales in peak times and downtime to earn commission, and it wasn.t easy to do.

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Cristian Lecina

Cristian Lencina, Pacific Tours

01-20-2014Finding a merchant services provider proved to be an .adventure. for Cristian Lencina of Miami-based Lefko Solutions...We have been in the merchant processing and payments-related business for about 18 years, primarily in Latin America. In 2012, we decided to start operating off shore, which so we began searching for a U.S.-based company that had a global vision of payment solutions; a company that could embrace our customers. needs in business-to-customer payment processing.

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Mario Valenti

Mario Valenti, Casino Facile

01-18-2014Acquiring the proper licenses for his online gambling website was a struggle for Italy-based Mario Valenti. Finding a merchant services provider was another.I own a company that develops software, and I have been working in the gambling sector for four years and have developed four gambling sites, which since sold. Online gambling is legal in Italy, but you need an (Accredited Asset Management Specialist) AAMS license. The set-up is very expensive and it is also taxed very high.

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Adam Walker

Adam Walker,

01-16-2014The travel industry found Adam Walker rather than vice versa. Mr. Walker talks about his foray into the industry, through which Instabill has been a loyal partner...It was almost by accident. I was working as an automotive electrical engineer at General Motors in South Florida. I was on vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. During a tour of the resort, I went through a timeshare presentation. Afterward, I spoke with the presenter and asked how the industry worked. He told me it was a very lucrative industry.

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