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Carlton Hayes, Merchant

"We have been searching for 10 months for a payment processor that works with our offshore bank and no one has been able to meet our credit card processing needs the way you have. Thank you so much for your excellent communication and great help! "

Lisa, Satisfied Merchant

"I wish to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for your prompt, attentive responses to my inquiries. I have lost hundreds of dollars over the Internet to vendors that I could not contact and when I did, they showed me that the fees they charged were buried somewhere in the fine print and refused to refund my money. It is really difficult to find someone like you who acknowledges a customer service role on the Internet—you are a beacon in the darkness! "

Ivan R., Marketing Merchant

“Thank you so much for your patience and everything that you did for me. I give your services a full 5 out of 5 stars, although I feel there should be at least one more star!”

person 1

"Thank you! We are really happy with your services! Without you, nothing would have been possible. And a special thanks for helping and supporting us since the beginning of 2009. "
Instabill Corporation Reviewed by Sarah
Rating: 5/5

person 1

"We have been extremely happy with Instabill over the years and the services it provides to our company. Excellent support!"
Instabill Corporation
Reviewed by Grant
Rating: 5/5

person 1

“The service provided by Instabill was absolutely top-class. My account manager was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive, and I would not hesitate to use Instabill again in the future. Thank you Instabill.”
Instabill Corporation
Reviewed by Justin S.
Rating: 5/5

person 1

“Our account manager was extremely helpful and timely—and your whole organization was willing to tailor your services to my needs, which was much appreciated. Thanks!”
Instabill Corporation
Reviewed by Kristin K.
Rating: 5/5


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At Instabill, providing fast and reliable merchant services with expert support is our top priority. We pride ourselves on making a lasting impression with merchants worldwide, and value their opinion on our ability to provide them with the credit card processing solution they need. is dedicated to creating a resource where you can find information on what it is like to work with Instabill and the type of services we offer. On this site, you can read reviews from:

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Whether you are reading a short review or watching a video testimonial, is a place where merchants can be informed by other merchants so that they can make the best business decisions possible. The Write Your Story feature allows merchants and partners to submit their personalized review online to be shared with a global audience.

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